Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vinyl Application

Vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surfaces, such as wood, smooth or light textured walls, glass, metal, tiles, etc…  Your vinyl arrives as a pre-spaced sheet of letters made up of 3 layers... (1)the top Layer- tape (which you can see the letters) (2)the middle layer- the vinyl lettering (3)the bottom layer- blue/white shiny backing paper.


Step 1: Position your vinyl sheet on the wall, centering the letters to where you would like them on your wall and secure it with masking tape of painting tape along the top of your vinyl sheet. (this tape acts as a hinge for the vinyl sheet.)  You should be able to see the lettering through the top layer.

Step 2: Flip the vinyl sheet upward and slowly peel off the bottom layer.  (The lettering should stick to the tape or top layer).  If the lettering wants to stick to the blue/white backing, slowly manipulate the backing to help the letters stick to the tape. (Toss the blue/white backing)

Step3:  Bring the tape (with vinyl stuck to it) back down to it position. Use a hard but gentle edge, like a credit card or popsicle stick and firmly rub over the tape to secure the vinyl lettering to the wall.  Work from the center out on both sides letting the edger act as a squeegee over the lettering.

Step 4: Carefully peel off the tape (top layer) to reveal your letters.  

Removal:  When wanting to remove your vinyl letters from your wall, the heat of a blow dryer will soften the vinyl and make it easier to peel off.

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